KYRGYZPRODUKT exports dried pumpkin. The product grown in natural and traditional fields, after harvesting, is dried in warehouses using a certain technology, which allows you to save almost all the vitamins and trace elements contained in fresh fruits.

Pumpkin is endowed with unique properties due to its rich composition. The benefits of dried vegetables are no less than fresh.

The composition of dried pumpkin includes vitamins and minerals: vitamins A, C, D, E, F, PP, K, T, group B; pectins; calcium; cobalt; carotene; iron; magnesium; copper; phosphorus; cellulose. Ascorbic acid is indispensable for immunity. Thanks to her, the body quickly copes with viral diseases. Vitamin T is not found in many vegetables, but it is present in pumpkin. It promotes the assimilation of heavy foods, is useful for obese people. Vitamin T increases hemoglobin, accelerates platelet production, and increases blood coagulation. Carotene and pectin in pumpkin are several times more than in carrots. They take part in the synthesis of blood proteins and bones. And Vitamin K accelerates wound healing and blood coagulation.

Shape and dimensions:

Evenly sliced ​​with a thickness of not more than 3 mm, a width of not more than 5 mm and a length of not less than 5 mm, intact, without broken edges.