"Kyrgyztsentrprodukt" company invites to collaboration all interested organizations. The policy of our company is aimed at making the partnership with us as comfortable and profitable for you as possible.

  • Working with us, you get consistently high quality of our products. As our products pass the strict quality control for compliance with the standards of the Eurasian Economic Union. We provide a full package of documents and certificates for each lot.

  •  We have been successfully collaborating for more than 7 years with large canneries, retail chains, wholesale and trade companies. The result of this collaboration was the establishment of trusting partnerships. Because we focus on mutually beneficial and long-term joint work.

  • The company has its own warehouse and production facilities, which allows to minimize costs and offer customers competitive prices. KYRGYZPRODUKT company has among its partners the numerous forwarding and transport companies, as well as own vehicles, so we can guarantee fast and continuously shipment of products to our customers.

  •  Working with our company, you get the high quality products, minimum prices, reliable and prompt delivery terms. You will find a reliable supplier and partner in our person.



The most popular type of modern packaging for bean in all countries is polypropylene bags: durable, comfortable, inexpensive, resistant to moisture and low temperatures, safely withstanding considerable weight. They are ideal for storing and transporting beans.

KYRGYZPRODUKT company offers its customers the individual branding of polypropylene bags 

  • In transparent two-layered polyethylene bags weighing 1, 1.5, 2 kg
Basket of vegetables

The ability to brand any product on the customer's order