The company "Kyrgyzcentrprodukt" has built a vegetable storehouse with a total capacity of up to 3 000 thousand tons, equipped with a line for washing, sorting, calibration, pre-sale preparation and packing of fresh vegetable products meeting European standards. Our storage facilities are equipped with advanced cooling and ventilation equipment with a continuously maintained microclimate and constant quality control of the products stored for storage.

In the structure of the Logistics Center there is a laboratory where input control of products for the presence of nitrates and pesticides is carried out, as well as physical parameters: caliber, appearance and grade.

At the acceptance of agricultural products and its pre-sale preparation, control is carried out at all stages from harvesting to the field, storage, processing, shipment of each consignment for compliance with quality requirements. The process of washing, cleaning, sorting, calibration and packing of products is automated and allows obtaining the most pure product. That's right, produce a product of high quality, ideally cleaned, calibrated and packaged.

Our company offers distributors the opportunity to independently choose the volume, size and version of the package.

Packing of vegetables is made in net-bags and polyethylene, the weight of packing is from 1 kg to 50 kg.