Bare-cut fruits without stones

KYRGYZPRODUKT exports walnut and dried fruits, in particular dried apricots and prunes. The products grown in natural and traditional forests, after harvesting are dried in warehouses by a certain technology, which allows saving almost all the vitamins and trace elements contained in fresh fruits.

  • Extremely large
  • Highest grade
  • 1st grade
  • 2nd grade
  • Dried apricots with stones

Dried apricots are a popular type of dried fruits, produced by drying fruits of apricot. There are 3 types of dried apricots:

  • Dried fruits with a stone, they are called "dried unpitted apricot";
  • Bare-cut fruits without stones, they are called "dried apricots";
  • Whole fruits without a stone, this is kaisa (although they are also often called dried apricots).

This product is characterized by a high content of B and C vitamins and minerals (magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus). Also, it contains a lot of organic acids and pectins, which remove heavy metals and radionuclides from the body. Dried apricots are widely used in medical nutrition, and in particular, in the treatment of hypertension. Useful properties of this product are whole mass, the use of this dried fruit contributes to:

  • lower cholesterol, 
  • positively affects the state of the cardiovascular system,
  • increases the level of insulin in the blood, softens the solid tumors, 
  • increases the level of hemoglobin, 
  • strengthens the hair, 
  • stimulates the brain activity, 
  • helps cleanse the intestines.